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Aeration pipe parameters and instructions

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Aeration pipe parameters and instructions

Packaging specification: 100 meters/roll

Pressure loss: ≤ 0.40kpa at 1Kw=200m, underwater loss ≤ 5kp

Suitable configuration: Motor power 1Kw, matched with 150-200m microporous aeration tube

Aeration tray: 9m/80cm, 10m/100cm

Conventional installation: Each acre of clean water surface is equipped with 3 aeration trays, and a 3KW Roots fan can be equipped with 50-60 80cm aeration trays

Micropore arrangement density: 700-1200 per meter Bubble diameter: 0.5-2mm (fresh water) 0.8-3mm (seawater), with certain changes depending on water viscosity and water level. Effective aeration rate: 0.002-0.006m3/min. m Air flow rate: 0.1-0.4m3/h. m Service area: 1-8m2/m Supporting power: Every 1Kw Motor power ≥ 200m Microporous aeration pipe pressure

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