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Chromium Plating

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Chromium plating: refers to the act of plating chromium as a coating onto other metals.

Chromium is a silver white metal with a slight blue tint. Metal chromium is easily passivated in air, forming an extremely thin passivation film on the surface.

The chromium plating layer has high hardness, and its hardness can vary in a large range of 400-1200HV depending on the composition of the plating solution and process conditions. The chrome plating layer has good heat resistance. When heated below 500 ℃, its gloss and hardness do not show significant changes. When the temperature exceeds 500 ℃, it begins to oxidize and change color, while when the temperature exceeds 700 ℃, the hardness begins to decrease. The friction coefficient of the chrome plating layer is small, especially the dry friction coefficient, which is the lowest among all metals. So the chrome plating layer has good wear resistance.

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