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Die Forging for Drop Forged Chain and Trolley

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Die Forging for Drop Forged Chain and Trolley

Our drop forged chain, trolley process is die forging.Now I introduce the advantages and limitations of die forging:

1.Advantages of die forging:
1)High production efficiency. In the case of die forging, the deformation of the metal is carried out in the die, so that the desired shape can be obtained relatively quickly.
2)It can forge forgings with complex shapes and make metal flow distribution more reasonable and improve the service life of parts.
3)The die forgings have a relatively accurate size, a good surface quality, and a small machining allowance.

4)Save metal materials and reduce the amount of cutting work.
5)The part cost can be reduced under sufficient batch conditions.
2.Disadvantages and limitations of die forging:
1)The weight of die forgings is limited by the ability of general die forging equipment, mostly below 70Kg.
2)The forging die has a long manufacturing cycle and high cost.
3)The investment cost of die forging equipment is larger than that of free forging.

If you have any enquiry of drop forged chain X348, X458, X678, 698, P142, P162, P200, P250, trolley X348, X458, X678, 698, please feel free to send us enquiry by e-mail oceanindustry@vip.163.com.

X678 Drop Forged Chain 1P142 Scraper Chain 1

X-458 Trolley 8

X-458 Trolley 4

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