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Features of Electronic Spiral Guide Rails

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Since it is gear insertion, many users are familiar with the idea of achieving the highest efficiency and best quality possible. It involves situations that economic gear hobbing cannot handle, such as machining inner teeth, providing insufficient tool space, outer teeth with interference profiles, or processing in small batches. Overall, gear hobbing has good versatility: it can process many different types of gears, such as external gears, internal gears, herringbone teeth, and crown gears, although the cutting efficiency is not as good as hobbing.



With decades of experience in gear shaping, Liebherr continuously improves its existing technology. If you want to machine different helix angles on gears, the movement of the gear head must be consistent with the helix angle of the gear. Previously, a mechanical spiral guide rail was used here. When transitioning from straight teeth to helical teeth or between different helix angles, the corresponding helix guide must be manually replaced. This requires 30 to 60 minutes of replacement and debugging time. The use of electronic spiral guides only requires (if necessary) tool replacement. The LSE 600 slotting machine with electronic spiral guide rail meets the requirements of users, especially contract manufacturing enterprises, for flexibility and economy, as well as the highest possible processing quality. This device can integrate all mature automated conveying systems into production and processing.

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