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Free Forged Material for Gear and Sprocket

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Our gear, sprocket raw material need to be forged in advance. Now I introduce the free forging below:

The basic processes of free forging: upsetting, lengthening, punching, bending, cutting, twisting, misalignment and forging, etc., and the three most common processes in actual productionare upsetting, lengthening and punching.
Auxiliary process: pre-deformation process, such as press jaws, pressed steel ingot edges, cut shoulders, etc.

Finishing process: the process of reducing the surface defects of forgings, such as removing the unevenness and shaping of the forging surface.
If you have any enquiry of sprocket, chain sprocket, nylon plastic sprockets, chain sprocket, sprocket chain, sprockets and chain, double sprocket chain, roller chain sprocket(SUS stainless steel double pitch type “B” :SUS2040B, SUS2042B, SUS 2050B, SUS 2052B, SUS 2060B, SUS 2062B.NK standard  double double pitch type “B” sprockets: NK 2080B, NK 2082B, NK 2040B, NK 2042B, NK 2060B, NK 2062B, NK 2050B, NK 2052B.NK standard sprocket type: NK 200C, NK 240C, NK 160C, NK 180C, NK 120C, NK 140C, NK 100C, NK 80C.) Gear products: spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear for dewalt angle grinder dw801, small spiral bevel gears,steel spiral bevel gear, hypoid gear spiral bevel gear(Spiral bevel gear, ring gear, crown wheel and pinion, bevel gears 20 pressure angle, bevel gears type B, bevel gears type A), please feel free to send us enquiry by e-mail oceanindustry@vip.163.com

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