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What is a gear?

Gears are mechanical parts with teeth that can mesh with each other. It is widely used in mechanical transmission and the entire mechanical field.

2. The history of gears

As early as 350 BC, the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle recorded gears in literature. Around 250 BC, mathematician Archimedes also explained in literature the use of turbine worms in winches. The gear from BC is still preserved in the present-day Katesfin ruins in Iraq.


Gears have a long history in China. According to historical records, gears were used in ancient China as early as 400-200 BC. The bronze gears unearthed in Shanxi, China are the oldest discovered gears to date. As a guide to reflecting ancient scientific and technological achievements, the chariot is a mechanical device with gear mechanisms as its core. In the second half of the 15th century, during the Italian Renaissance, the famous versatile Leonardo da Vinci not only made indelible contributions in cultural and artistic aspects, but also in the history of gear technology. After more than 500 years, the current gear still retains the prototype of the sketch at that time.



It was not until the late 17th century that people began to study the shape of teeth that could correctly transmit motion. In the 18th century, after the European Industrial Revolution, the application of gear transmission became increasingly widespread; Firstly, the development of cycloidal gears followed by involute gears, and by the early 20th century, involute gears had gained an advantage in application. Later on, there were also developments such as modified gears, circular arc gears, bevel gears, helical gears, and so on.

Modern gear technology has reached a gear module of 0.004-100 millimeters; The gear diameter ranges from 1 millimeter to 150 meters; The transmitted power can reach 100000 kilowatts; The rotational speed can reach 100000 revolutions per minute; The highest circumferential speed reaches 300 meters per second.

Internationally, power transmission gear devices are developing towards miniaturization, high-speed, and standardization. The application of special gears, the development of planetary gear devices, and the development of low vibration and low noise gear devices are some characteristics of gear design.

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