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Gear shaping

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Gear shaping

Use gear shaper to process tooth surface of internal and external gear or rack according to generating method or forming method.

Like gear hobbing, gear shaping is also processed by generating method. Gear shaper is like a gear with front and back angles to form cutting edge, so the principle of gear shaper machining is equivalent to the principle of a pair of cylindrical gears with parallel axes.

During gear shaping, the gear shaper cutter makes up and down reciprocating cutting movement, and the cutting speed is expressed by the number of double strokes per minute. Similarly, the gear shaper and the gear to be machined must maintain a pair of cylindrical gears meshing motion relationship, namely:

Where n-tool, n-tool - rotation speed of gear shaper and workpiece;

Z tool, Z tool - the number of teeth of gear shaper and workpiece.

At the beginning of gear shaping, in order to gradually cut to the full tooth depth, the gear shaping cutter must have radial feed movement, and the radial feed δ diameter is represented by the number of radial feeds of each double stroke of the gear shaping cutter. When cutting to the adjusted depth, the radial feed stops automatically. The radial feed process and feed rate are generally controlled by the cam.

In the up and down reciprocating motion of gear shaper cutter, the down is the cutting motion and the up is the empty stroke. In order to avoid scratching the machined tooth surface and reduce the wear of gear shaper during the empty stroke, the workpiece needs to let the gear shaper move.

Generally, the gear shaping accuracy can reach 7-8 levels, and the highest accuracy can reach 6 levels.

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