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Gearbox Design

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In gearbox design, in order to avoid or minimize adhesive failure, optimization design can be carried out from the following aspects:

1. Material selection: Gears and bearings should be made of materials with good adhesive resistance. For example, for high-speed and heavy-duty gearboxes, surface carburized quenched steel, stainless steel, or steel with special coatings can be used to improve surface hardness and wear resistance, and reduce friction coefficient.

2. Surface treatment: Fine machining of the gear surface, such as precision grinding, honing, etc., to ensure good surface roughness and micro geometric shape of the contact surface, reduce contact area, and lower friction force. At the same time, surface hardness and fatigue resistance can also be improved through surface strengthening treatments such as nitriding and shot peening.

3. Lubrication system design: Reasonably design the lubrication system to ensure sufficient lubrication of the gear meshing parts, effectively reduce the contact surface temperature and friction coefficient, and prevent metal to metal adhesion wear caused by high temperature. For example, using suitable lubricating oil or grease, and setting reasonable oil circuits, oil pressure, and oil quantity.

4. Tooth shape optimization: Select appropriate tooth shape parameters and modification methods to reduce meshing impact, optimize load distribution, and reduce local overheating and high stress concentration.

5. Temperature control: When designing the gearbox, heat dissipation should be considered, and if necessary, a cooling system should be added to ensure that the working temperature of the gears is within the allowable range.

6. Dynamic balance and assembly accuracy: Improve the dynamic balance and assembly accuracy of gears and their components, reduce vibration and impact, and reduce the risk of high temperature and adhesion from the source.

In summary, the key to avoiding gearbox adhesion lies in the comprehensive application of knowledge from multiple fields such as materials science, mechanical design, lubrication technology, thermodynamics, etc., to achieve the overall optimization design of the gearbox.

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