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Grinding is the final process of gear machining, which has the most critical impact on the surface roughness of gear products. Research has found that the surface roughness of gears can affect their working life and performance. The larger the surface roughness, the greater the frictional force generated during the meshing process, which is prone to micro pitting corrosion. Under low speed and heavy load conditions, the smaller the surface roughness of the gear, the milder the wear; In pure electric reducers, the surface roughness of the gears is reduced, the noise is reduced, and the wear rate of the tooth surface is slowed down, thereby improving the service life of the gears.

Surface roughness is one of the important parameters for describing the micro morphology of surfaces in mechanical machining, which mainly reflects the micro geometric shape errors of mechanical parts. The national standard GB/T 3505-1983 includes multiple surface roughness parameters, including the arithmetic mean deviation Ra, and is most widely used in the mechanical manufacturing industry. The systematic investigation conducted by the Japanese Mechanical Society on gear transmission failure cases shows that about 74% of gear transmission failures are caused by gear surface fatigue failure, which is directly related to the tooth surface roughness during gear meshing. During the actual service process, gears are usually in working environments such as high speed, heavy load, and impact. Under the action of alternating loads, stress concentration will occur on the surface of gears at the micro convex peaks, causing the propagation of micro cracks on the material surface, ultimately leading to contact fatigue of the tooth surface, and also having adverse effects on the noise and vibration characteristics of gears.

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