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Material heat treatment ways

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Material heat treatment ways

We are transmission spare parts supplier such as chain, sprocket, gear, gear rack, pulley, coupling and so on. Now we introduce material heat treatment ways as below:

1) Heat treatment
A process for heating, holding, and cooling a metal material or workpiece (hereinafter referred to as a workpiece) in an appropriate manner to obtain a desired structure and performance.

2) Overall heat treatment
The heat treatment of the entire workpiece is subjected to penetration heating.

3) Chemical heat treatment
Heat treatment by heating and holding the workpiece in a suitable active medium to allow one or more elements to penetrate into its surface to change its chemical composition, texture and properties.

4) Compound layer
A layer of a compound formed on the surface of a workpiece during chemical heat treatment, physical vapor deposition, and chemical vapor deposition.

5) Diffusion layer
The inner layer under the workpiece compound layer during chemical heat treatment and the inner layer in which the compound dissolves and diffuses during chemical vapor deposition, collectively referred to as a diffusion layer.

6) Surface heat treatment
A process in which only the surface of a workpiece is heat treated in order to change the texture and properties of the surface of the workpiece.

7) Local heat treatment
A process of heat treating only a certain part or parts of a workpiece.

8) preliminary heat treatment
In order to adjust the original structure to ensure the final heat treatment of the workpiece or (and) the quality of the cutting process, the heat treatment process is performed in advance.

9) Vacuum heat treatment
A heat treatment process that heats in an environment below 1 x 105 Pa (typically 10-1 to 10-3 Pa).

10) Bright heat treatment
The workpiece is substantially non-oxidized during the heat treatment process, and the surface remains brightly heat treated.

11) Magnetic field heat treatment
Heat treatment in a magnetic field to improve the magnetic properties of certain ferromagnetic materials.

12) Controllable atmosphere heat treatment
In order to achieve no oxidation, no decarburization or carbonation as required, the heat treatment is carried out in a controlled furnace gas.

13) Protective atmosphere heat treatment
Heat treatment in an atmosphere in which the surface of the workpiece is not oxidized or in an inert gas.

14) Ion bombardment heat treatment
The heat treatment by plasma glow discharge between the workpiece (cathode) and the anode is performed in a specific atmosphere of less than 1 x 105 Pa (typically 10-1 to 10-3 Pa).

15) Fluidized bed heat treatment
The workpiece is heat treated in a fluidized layer composed of a gas stream and solid particles suspended therein.

16) High energy beam heat treatment
A general term for heat treatment processes that heat workpieces using high power density energy sources such as lasers, electron beams, plasma arcs, induced eddy currents, or flames.

17) Stabilization
The heat treatment can be maintained within a prescribed range in order to change the shape and size of the workpiece under long-term service conditions.

18) Deformation heat treatment
A composite process that combines plastic deformation and heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece.

19) Composite heat treatment
A composite process that combines various heat treatment processes in a reasonable manner to more effectively improve the performance of the workpiece.

20) Repair heat treatment
Refers to the heat treatment of the heat-treated parts (workpieces) after long-term operation, after a certain heat treatment process has been carried out, the microstructure of the heat-treated parts (workpieces) is improved, the performance or (and) geometrical dimensions are restored, and the service life is prolonged. Technology.

21) Cleaning heat treatment
As one of the sustainable production methods, the cleaning heat treatment mainly includes heat treatment technology with little, no pollution, little, no oxidation and energy saving. It reflects the unity of economic, social and environmental benefits.

22) Heat treatment process cycle
The cycle of a heat treatment process is completed by heating, holding, and cooling.

23) Heating system
Provisions for temperature changes in the heating phase of a workpiece or heating medium during a process cycle.

24) Preheating
To reduce distortion, avoid cracking, one or several stages of thermal insulation before the workpiece is heated to the final temperature.

25) Heating rate
The average increment of the workpiece or medium temperature per unit time in a given temperature interval.

26) Differential temperature heating
A heating that purposefully produces a temperature gradient in the workpiece.

27) Longitudinal movement heating
Heating of the workpiece continuously in the longitudinal direction of the heat source or continuous movement of the heat source along the longitudinal direction of the workpiece.

28) Rotary heating
Heating of the workpiece by rotation inside (outside) the heat source.

29) Insulation
The workpiece or the heating medium is kept at a constant temperature at the process temperature for a certain period of time. The time and temperature at which the constant temperature is maintained are referred to as the holding time and the holding temperature, respectively.

30) Effective thickness
When the wall thickness of each part of the workpiece is different, if the heating time is determined according to the wall thickness of a certain part to ensure the heat treatment quality, the wall thickness at this point is called the effective thickness of the workpiece.

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