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One of The Core Components of The Electric Drive Bridge - Inverter

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One of the core components of the electric drive bridge - inverter

An inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current into alternating current. The principle is to use electronic components (such as transistor controlled silicon, etc.) to control the working mode of the DC power supply, so that it generates AC power according to the predetermined scoring frequency and amplitude.

02. Working principle

The working principle of the inverter is based on the principle of switching at this moment. By continuously switching the on and off states of the transistor, the direction of the current can be reversed, thereby generating AC current on the load. The inverter bridge can also adjust the frequency and amplitude of the output voltage to meet the needs of different applications.

03. Advantages of inverters

(1) Can convert DC electrical energy into AC electrical energy

(2) Can change the size of the output voltage

(3) Can change the size of the output current

(4) Can change the output frequency

(5) Can improve the efficiency of electrical energy

(6) Can improve the stability of electrical energy

04. Disadvantages of inverters

(1) High cost: Inverters require the use of a large number of high-voltage electronic components, such as high-power thyristors IGBT and other components have higher costs, leading to an increase in the overall cost of the inverter.

(2) Complex control: The inverter circuit requires electronic components to be dynamically controlled in a fixed sequence. Improper control may lead to electronic component conduction errors or short circuits.

(3) Highly affected by temperature: Changes in temperature may affect the performance and lifespan of the inverter.


(4) Highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference: Dynamic switching of electronic components in inverters may generate electromagnetic interference, affecting their applications in communication, radio, and other fields.

(5) The power quality has a significant impact: fluctuations in power quality may affect the output stability and efficiency of the inverter.

(6) High experimental requirements: In order to ensure the performance of the inverter, high standards of design and manufacturing are required, and the characteristics and working environment of electronic components are required to have high stability.

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