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Rolling processing technology can significantly improve various properties of parts

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Surface hardness: Rolling processing can form a hardened layer on the surface of the material, significantly improving its hardness. For example, after rolling, the hardness can be increased by 15-30%.

Wear resistance: Rolling processing not only improves the hardness of the material, but also significantly enhances its wear resistance. This is because during the rolling process, the surface of the material undergoes plastic deformation, the grains become finer, and a dense fibrous structure is formed, thereby enhancing wear resistance.

Anti fatigue strength: Rolling processing can also improve the fatigue strength of parts. For example, the fatigue strength of processed materials can increase by 30%. In addition, rolling processing causes residual compressive stress on the surface of the workpiece, further improving its fatigue strength.

Corrosion resistance: Rolling processing can improve the corrosion resistance of parts. This is because the residual compressive stress layer generated during the rolling process helps to improve the corrosion resistance of the material.

Surface smoothness: Rolling processing can achieve high surface smoothness, which is crucial for improving the overall aesthetics and performance of the parts.

Surface roughness: Rolling processing can effectively reduce the surface roughness of parts, achieving lower values, such as Ry0.1-0.8 μ m.

Service life and reliability: Due to the comprehensive improvement of the above performance, rolling processing significantly extends the service life of the parts and improves their reliability.

Production efficiency: Compared with other processing methods, rolling processing has higher production efficiency, especially in large-scale production.

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