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Taper Lock Rigid Coupling


Product Description

Taper Lock Rigid Coupling

The utility model belongs to a rigid coupling, in which two half couplings with flanges are respectively connected with two shafts by common flat keys, and then the two half couplings are connected into one by bolts to transmit movement and torque. This kind of coupling has two main structural forms: ① by reaming holes and using bolts to realize the two shaft alignment and by bearing extrusion and shear of bolt rod to transfer torque; ② by matching the shoulder on one half coupling with the groove on the other half coupling and centering. The bolts connecting the two half couplings can be ordinary bolts of class A and class B, and the torque is transmitted by the friction moment of the joint surface of the two half couplings.

The flange coupling can be made of gray cast iron or carbon steel, and cast steel or forged steel shall be used under heavy load or when the peripheral speed is greater than 30 m / s.

According to the transmission torque, all bolts on the flange can be reamed, or half of them can be reamed, and the other half can be ordinary bolts.

Flange coupling before change: the included parts include half coupling (material HT200, zg270-500, 35), bolt (performance level 4.8, 8.8) non-metallic lock nut (performance level 5, 8)

Flange coupling after change: the parts include half coupling (material: 35), centering ring (material: 35), bolt (performance class 8.8), nut (Performance Class 8)

The rigid coupling is divided into flange coupling, radial key flange coupling, sleeve coupling, clamp coupling and parallel shaft coupling. The flange coupling has a high requirement for the two shafts to be neutral. When the two shafts have relative displacement, it will cause additional load in the parts and worsen the working condition, which is its main disadvantage. Advantages: however, due to its simple structure, low cost and large torque transmission, it is often used when the speed is low, there is no impact, the rigidity of the shaft is large and the neutral is good.

Flange coupling (also known as flange coupling) is to connect two flange (flange) disc half couplings with bolts, and the two half couplings are connected with two shafts with keys respectively, so as to realize the connection of two shafts, transfer torque and motion. Flange coupling is simple in structure, convenient in manufacture, low in cost, reliable in operation, simple in installation, disassembly and maintenance, and large in transfer torque, which can ensure high centering accuracy of two shafts. It is commonly used in shafting transmission with stable load, high speed or high transmission accuracy requirements. Flange couplings do not have radial, axial, and angular compensation

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