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The Basic Steps for Manufacturing End Face Gears

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1. Design and analysis: Use specialized software to accurately design gear parameters, considering modulus, pressure angle, number of teeth, center distance, etc., and conduct mechanical analysis to ensure the distribution of load bearing force.

2. Material selection: Select high-strength steel, alloy steel, cast iron or special alloys, considering wear resistance and heat treatment performance.

3. Preparation of rough parts: Forging or casting to form a rough shape, and normalizing treatment to eliminate internal stress.

4. Rough machining: Use a CNC vertical lathe, milling machine, or five axis machining center to remove excess material and preliminarily shape the gear profile.

5. Precision machining: Gear hobbing: Using a gear hobbing machine and specialized cutting tools to gradually insert teeth, ensuring accurate tooth profile. Roll cutting: If applicable, use a hobbing tool to accurately cut the tooth shape on the hobbing machine. Grinding: Tooth surface grinding, improving tooth surface smoothness, tooth profile accuracy, and reducing tooth surface errors. Shaving: Fine tune and adjust the tooth shape to improve the contact performance of the tooth surface.

6. Heat treatment: Quenching and tempering to increase hardness, stabilize dimensions, and improve mechanical properties.

7. Precision grinding: Final grinding, ultra precision grinding to improve tooth surface smoothness and ensure contact quality.

8. Detection: Gear profile, tooth pitch, radial runout, tooth surface deviation, etc., using a gear measuring instrument and laser scanner.

9. Assembly: Ensure gear alignment, install shaft and bearings, ensure transmission clearance, and conduct testing.

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