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The Meshing Sleeve

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The meshing sleeve is a key component for shifting gears in heavy-duty engineering vehicles, and the machining quality of its bevel gear directly determines the performance of the transmission. At present, the commonly used processing methods for bevel gear surfaces include rolling, gear shaping, and extrusion. The rolling method has high productivity, simple tool structure, and convenient operation, but there is a large tooth profile error. The gear shaping method has good universality and low processing efficiency. Compared with the above two processing methods, the extrusion method has higher accuracy and efficiency in machining the inverted cone tooth surface. However, during the machining process, the fixture structure is complex, the debugging cycle is long, and the tool price is expensive. With the development of transmission technology, the above methods can no longer meet the machining requirements of the bevel gear surface. Therefore, it is necessary to research and develop new methods for machining inverted bevel gear surfaces. In the early stage, some researchers proposed a method for indexing the long amplitude involute rotation of the inverted cone tooth surface. During the machining process, the involute is approached by multiple long amplitude involutes, and the tool tip needs to move along the long amplitude involute. However, this not only reduces the machining efficiency, but also increases the roughness of the tooth surface. Nevertheless, these studies still lay a theoretical foundation for the development of the inverted cone tooth surface machining method.

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