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The Principle of Gear Meshing Detection

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The principle of gear meshing detection refers to testing the accuracy and performance of gears by simulating their actual working conditions. There are usually two main measurement methods used: double-sided meshing and single-sided meshing. The following is a detailed explanation of these two methods:

-Double sided meshing method: This method uses the measuring gear and the measured gear to engage and rotate on both sides, and represents the radial comprehensive error of the measured gear by measuring the maximum change in center distance. The double-sided meshing tester (double meshing tester) is usually used to measure the comprehensive reflection of single errors such as center distance variation of gear pairs, radial runout of gear rings, and tooth profile errors. During measurement, the measuring gear engages with the tested gear on both sides under the action of spring force, and the measurement value is indicated by a dial gauge or recorded by a recorder to create an error curve.

-Single sided meshing method: This method utilizes the meshing and rotation of the measuring gear and the tested gear at the nominal center distance, mainly focusing on the tangential comprehensive error of the tested gear represented by the angular error form. The gear measurement tools using this method include different types of gear single meshing inspection instruments (single meshing instruments) such as grating, magnetic grating, and inertia. When the measuring gear drives the measured gear to rotate, the angle error caused by the measured gear will be converted into an electrical signal output through a circular grating sensor, and then the error curve will be recorded by the recorder.

These two methods can not only be used alone, but can also be combined to obtain more comprehensive gear error information. The meshing detection principle of gears involves various technologies and methods, with the aim of comprehensively evaluating the quality and performance of gears, ensuring their reliability and efficiency in practical applications.

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