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Track mounting hanger

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Track mounting hanger

Features: When installing, the track is stuck in the hanger and locked with screws. The positioning and reliability of the installation can be greatly increased, and the disassembly and assembly is convenient.

Track connecting piece

Features and functions: Used for interconnection between the two rails for construction and maintenance, using M10 x 20 bolts.

Inspection track

Features: There is an opening that can open the track, through which the conveyor chain can be disassembled, inspected and repaired, and the drive of each conveyor line should be equipped with a set of inspection tracks. It is generally located between the outlet of the drive unit and the tensioning device for easy inspection and maintenance.

Lifting curved track

Features: It is used for the lifting and lowering of the conveyor chain. The standard diameter is 1.2mx 180. It can be cut at any angle according to the installation site, but the angle should not be greater than 45, and the distance between adjacent two spreaders should be considered at the same time. influences.

Horizontal curved track

Features: It is used to transport the chain to walk horizontally. The standard diameter is from 0.8m to 2m x 180, which can be cut at any angle according to the installation site. It is also possible to customize the processing of horizontal elbows according to customer needs.


Features: Can be used as a tensioning device or on the side rail side of the furnace. The straight rail can be expanded or contracted freely, without deformation under different temperature conditions.

Straight track

Features: It is used to transport the chain to the horizontal straight line, and the standard length of supply is 3 meters. Any cutting can be done according to the installation site.

Turntable elbow

Features: The disc in the center of the elbow can be rotated around the central axis 360. It is suitable for occasions with a small turning radius, which can reduce the frictional resistance generated when the chain passes through the elbow, and is convenient to disassemble.

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