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What Is The Difference between Thread Rolling And Thread Cutting?

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What is the difference between thread rolling and thread cutting?

The choice between thread rolling screws or thread cutting screws depends on application requirements, material considerations, and the characteristics required for threaded connections. Each thread processing technology has its own advantages and can be used in various industries according to specific needs and preferences.

Rolling screw

Rolling screws, also known as threaded formed screws, are fasteners designed to form their own internal threads in pre drilled or punched holes. Unlike traditional screws that cut or remove material to form threads, rolling screws deform the material and shift it to form threads.

Thread tapping screws are widely used in various applications due to their high efficiency and high thread strength. They are usually used for softer metals.

Thread cutting screws

Unlike rolling screws that deform materials through cold forming, thread cutting screws are produced by removing materials during the machining process and forming threads. These screws are typically used for customization or small batch manufacturing projects.

Its many benefits include reducing tool costs and reducing work hardening. In some cases, thread cutting can be carried out through CNC machining.

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