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What is die-casting

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What is die-casting

Die casting is a process that utilizes three major elements: machines, molds, and alloys to unify pressure, speed, and time. It is a rare and non cutting special casting method that has developed rapidly in modern metal processing technology. It is the process of filling the mold with molten metal under high pressure and high speed, and crystallizing and solidifying under high pressure to form a casting.

The die-casting equipment converts the electrical energy of the motor into hydraulic energy of the pump through the motor, thereby performing actions (i.e. opening and closing the mold and spraying molten metal into the mold cavity).

The injection part of the die casting process uses the energy of the hydraulic system to push the punch, thereby pushing the molten metal into the mold cavity. The molten metal enters the mold cavity through a flow channel called a runner and a smaller cross-sectional area called a gate. The gate has the function of accelerating metal flow, and it also allows the runner system to easily detach from the casting (please refer to the manual in the runner and gate section for details).

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