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Worm gear mechanism

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Worm gear mechanism is often used to transmit the motion and power between two staggered axes. Worm gear and worm are equal to gear and rack in their middle plane, and worm is similar to screw.

Basic parameters

Modulus m, pressure angle, worm diameter coefficient Q, lead angle, worm head number, worm gear teeth number, tooth top height coefficient (take 1) and top clearance coefficient (take 0.2). Among them, the modulus m and pressure angle refer to the modulus and pressure angle of the worm shaft surface, that is, the modulus and pressure angle of the end face of the worm gear, all of which are standard values; the worm diameter coefficient q is the ratio of the worm pitch diameter to its modulus M.

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The worm gear has these series: 1. Wh series worm gear reducer: wht / whx / whs / WHC 2. CW series worm gear reducer: CWU / CWS / CWO 3. WP series worm gear reducer: WPA / WPS / WPW / WPE / wpz / WPD

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