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gear train

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gear train

Gear systems are divided into two types: fixed axle gear systems and epicyclic gear systems.

The ratio of the angular velocity (or speed) of the input shaft to the output shaft in a gear train is called the transmission ratio of the gear train. Equal to the ratio of the product of all driven gear teeth in each pair of meshing gears to the product of all driving gear teeth.

In a epicyclic gear system, a gear with a changing axis position, which performs both self rotation and revolution, is called a planetary gear, while a gear with a fixed axis position is called a center wheel or sun gear.

The transmission ratio of a turnover gear system cannot be directly calculated using the method of solving the transmission ratio of a fixed axis gear system. It must be calculated using the principle of relative motion and the relative velocity method (also known as the reversal method) to transform the turnover gear system into an imaginary fixed axis gear system.

The main characteristics of the gear train:

Suitable for transmission between two shafts that are far apart;

Can be used as a gearbox to achieve variable speed transmission;

Can achieve a larger transmission ratio;

Implementing the synthesis and decomposition of motion

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