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Palm Oil Chains


Product Description

Technical Data Sheet

      Excellent chemical resistance of chain guide the chemical stability of high molecular polyethylene chain guide is very high, Panjin City chain guide, in a certain temperature, concentration range, can withstand acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and the role. Instruments: among the three kinds of implants, they can be used as artificial joint implants for the interface of friction pairs, such as shinbone pads, acetabulum liner, etc. Mining industry: manufacturing of artificial slot lining, ram, chain plate, vibrating screen plate, conveyor plate, mining car lining plate. General machinery industry: manufacturing all kinds of shaft sleeve, gear, Bush, sliding plate, PE chain guide rail, impeller, etc. Vehicle manufacturing and transportation industry: the main products are dump trucks, liner plates of dump ships, impact resistant parts of railway vehicles, etc. Papermaking industry: chain guide rail mainly produces vacuum water suction tank panel and wiper plate, compression parts, joints, motor-driven seal shaft rod, vane guide wheel, filter, etc. Textile industry: chain guide manufacturing of all kinds of leather knot, roll fiber, shuttle rod, gear, connection. Anti impact and wear-resistant parts such as sweep pole, buffer block, rod shaft sleeve, chain guide rail, swing rear beam, etc. Catering Light Industry: chain guide manufacturing panel, vegetable board, working panel, 16a double chain guide, cam, gear, etc. Ceramic industry: manufacturing various specifications of rolling head, filter plate, wheel, etc. Sports industry: Ski lining, crawler ice and snow auto parts, glider rail floor, steel ball device parts, various bearing liner bush, rolling ball track, motor sled parts, etc.

       After the installation of the belt conveyor, the idle running test is required. During the idling test, pay attention to whether there is any deviation phenomenon in the operation of the conveyor belt, the operation temperature of the driving part, the movement of the idler during the operation, the tightness of the contact between the cleaning device and the guide plate and the surface of the conveyor belt, etc. at the same time, make the necessary adjustment, and only after all the components are normal can the belt load test run be carried out. If the belt conveyor adopts the screw type tension device, the tightness shall be adjusted again when the belt conveyor is running under load.


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​Tel:  +86-571-88842852
Fax: +86-571-88844378
Email: oceanindustry@vip.163.com
Add: 2-425,2327 Hongning Road,Qianjiang Century City District,Hangzhou, China
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