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Tel: +86-571-88842852
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Email: oceanindustry@vip.163.com
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Welded-steel-type Mill Chains


Product Description

Technical Data Sheet

In the international standard classification, welded steel chain involves steel products, welding, brazing and low temperature welding, pipeline components and pipelines, shipbuilding and offshore structure integration, fluid storage devices, oil, oil products and natural gas storage and transportation equipment, building structures, oil and natural gas industry equipment, materials for aerospace manufacturing, flexible transmission and transmission, ocean going ships, inland ships, navigation Aerospace fluid systems and components, acoustics and Acoustics Measurement, non-ferrous metal products, springs, continuous handling equipment, particle size analysis, screening, surface treatment and coating, aircraft and spacecraft integration, lifting equipment, non-ferrous metals, road vehicle devices, valves, dangerous goods protection, fasteners, nuclear energy engineering, threads, railway engineering materials and parts, in buildings Facilities, aerospace manufacturing parts, electrical components, metal material testing, bearings, rubber and plastic products, fuel.

In Chinese standard classification, welding steel chain involves section steel, special steel, welding and cutting, steel plate, steel strip, steel product synthesis, steel pipe, cast iron pipe, marine pipe fittings, oil and gas gathering and transmission equipment, valve, general parts synthesis, refinery gas, petrochemical, chemical engineering, boiler and its auxiliary equipment, processing technology synthesis, pressure vessel, welding and cutting equipment, etc Other special alloy, steel wire, steel wire rope, petroleum drilling and production equipment and instruments, metal casting and forging materials for aviation and aerospace, water supply, drainage equipment and equipment, mooring equipment, education, degree, academic title, concrete structural engineering, metal structure and accessories, power station, power system operation and maintenance, transportation machinery, chemical equipment, oil tank car, metal physical and chemical performance test method synthesis, deck Machinery, material protection, pipeline accessories, ship technology, industrial construction engineering, general machinery and equipment integration, basic standards of aviation and aerospace materials, metal nondestructive testing methods, length measurement, hot processing technology, forging, non-ferrous metal and its alloy product integration, chain drive, belt drive and key connection, mechanical accessories, components, brake system, fasteners, pipe fittings Clamps, seals, nuclear reactor and nuclear island equipment of nuclear power plant, structural elements, environmental conditions and general test methods, basic standards and general methods, radioactive sources, ultrasonic and acoustic radiation detection instruments, casting, computer applications, general parts, maternal and child health, family planning technology, packaging materials and containers, plugs, pipe fittings, basic standards and general methods Explosion proof electrical appliances, rolling bearings, rubber products.


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Contact Us

​Tel:  +86-571-88842852
Fax: +86-571-88844378
Email: oceanindustry@vip.163.com
Add: 2-425,2327 Hongning Road,Qianjiang Century City District,Hangzhou, China
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