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Basic Introduction To Steel Plates

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1. Introduction to steel plates:

Steel plate is one of the four major varieties of steel (plate, tube, shape, and wire). With the development of China's national economy, the production of steel plates is gradually increasing. Steel sheet is a flat steel plate made by pouring molten steel, cooling it, and pressing it. It is flat, rectangular, and can be directly rolled or cut from wide steel strips.


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2. Classification:

(1) Divided by thickness, thin steel plates are<4 millimeters (thinnest 0.2 millimeters), medium thick steel plates are 4-60 millimeters, and extra thick steel plates are 60-115 millimeters.

(2) According to rolling, it is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling.

(3) According to the type of steel, there are ordinary steel, high-quality steel, alloy steel, spring steel, stainless steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, bearing steel, silicon steel, and industrial pure iron sheet.

(4) According to professional purposes, there are bridge steel plates, boiler steel plates, automotive manufacturing steel plates, pressure vessel steel plates, etc.

(5) According to surface coating, there are galvanized thin sheets, tin plated thin sheets, lead plated thin sheets, plastic composite steel sheets, etc.

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