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Product Description



Model: VD, DD, VE

Product grade: a

Shape: cylinder, material, rubber composite

Rubber shock absorber is suitable for shock absorption of power machinery such as shock proof products, automobile industry, heavy machinery, fitness equipment, electronic equipment, instruments and meters, air compressor, diesel generator set, motor vibration body, etc. to protect the normal operation of the body and a good surrounding environment. The structure is simple, economical and applicable. Five types of installation and fixation are convenient for installation, reliable in performance, complete in regularity, and highly optional. Obvious effect of shock absorption and noise reduction

Material: NR, SBR, NBR, Cr, EPDM, SIL, PU

Performance: Design breaking strength of super shock proof structure ≥ 14MPa tear strength ≥ 45N / mm tensile strength 400% rubber hardness tolerance ± 3

Advantages: 1. Aging resistance, heat resistance, tensile resistance, wear resistance; 2. Imported production equipment, excellent production technology; 3. Strict manufacturing quality inspection; 4. Environmental protection, non-toxic; in line with EU ROHS specifications

After sales service: 1. Factory certificate 2. Quality inspection report 3. Quality assurance 4. Product warranty

Remarks: Dan = 1kg



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Contact Us

​Tel:  +86-571-88842852
Fax: +86-571-88844378
Email: oceanindustry@vip.163.com
Add: 2-425,2327 Hongning Road,Qianjiang Century City District,Hangzhou, China
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