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Spray molding is a widely used

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Spray molding is a widely used metal surface treatment technology, which is popular in fields such as hardware, home decoration, and building materials.

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Spray molding is the process of delivering powder coatings stored in containers to the nozzle through compressed air. High voltage static electricity is generated at the front end of the nozzle, forming an electrostatic field.

When the coating powder passes through an electrostatic field, it will discharge them, and each powder will become a charged coating ion. Under the action of electrostatic force, it will be attracted by products with opposite polarity after being sprayed out, thus adsorbing to the surface of the product.


As the coating powder piles up more and more, the charge will also accumulate more. When it reaches a certain thickness, the charged powder will be repelled by the charged powder covering the product, and the coating powder will no longer continue to pile up.

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