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The main difference between AT10 and T10

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The main difference between AT10 and T10 synchronous belts lies in their tooth profile and transmission characteristics.

1. Tooth type difference: The bottom of the tooth type of the AT10 synchronous belt is a circular arc tooth, while the T10 synchronous belt has a full ladder tooth. The difference in tooth profile makes the AT10 synchronous belt slightly better than the T10 synchronous belt in transmission accuracy, because the meshing between the circular arc teeth and the wheel teeth is better, reducing the polygonal effect, thereby improving transmission accuracy and reducing noise. In addition, the tooth profile design of the AT type makes the transmission clearance smaller, further reducing the noise level.

2. Application field: Due to the high transmission accuracy and low noise of arc tooth synchronous belts, AT10 synchronous belts are suitable for application scenarios that require high-precision transmission and low noise. In contrast, the T10 synchronous belt is more suitable for general applications, and its trapezoidal tooth design may deform slightly under heavy loads, but it provides a wider range of applicability and cost-effectiveness.

3. Material selection: The materials for the synchronous belt include rubber and polyurethane (PU). The synchronous belt made of rubber material is soft, with a small achievable maximum curvature radius and slightly larger deformation under heavy loads; The synchronous belt made of polyurethane material is hard, which has better wear resistance and load-bearing capacity. The differences in this material also affect the performance and application selection of synchronous belts.

In summary, the main differences between AT10 and T10 synchronous belts lie in tooth profile design, transmission accuracy, noise level, and applicable fields. The AT10 synchronous belt, with its circular tooth design, provides higher transmission accuracy and lower noise, making it suitable for applications with special requirements for transmission accuracy and noise; The T10 synchronous belt, with its trapezoidal tooth design, provides a wider range of applicability and cost-effectiveness, suitable for general application needs.

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