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The role of car belt

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The role of car belt

The function of the car belt is to support the upper and lower, the upper connection is the timing wheel of the engine cylinder head, the lower connection is the crankshaft timing wheel; the timing wheel is connected to the camshaft, and the camshaft has a cam, and its contact point is The small rocker arm and the rocker arm generate pressure through the power brought by the timing belt to act as a jacking.

The function of jacking up the intake valve is to let the atomized gasoline enter the cylinder block. When the exhaust valve is lifted, the exhaust gas is exhausted from the cylinder; when the camshaft is recessed (note: not the raised position), the small rock is also touched at the same time. At the time of the arm, the intake valve and the exhaust valve are closed at this time, the compression ratio is generated, the distributor is fired, and the internal combustion starts and generates power!

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