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F100 Trolley


Product Description

F100 Trolley

The main function of the sliding frame is to bear the weight of the object, lifting appliance and chain. In the vertical bending section, it also bears the resultant force of the chain tension, and can ensure that the chain runs according to the track line. When the distance between two load skids in the line is more than 800-900mm, an empty skids can be added in the middle. The carriage is used to support the chain, bear objects, and be pulled by the chain to walk along the I-beam rail. The carriage with hanging plate and hanging tools on the pin shaft of the hanging plate is called load carriage

The sliding frame is equipped with rolling bearing, which is made of bearing steel. The manufacture of trolley frame is divided into precision casting and forging, and the casting is divided into cast iron and steel casting. The product belongs to steel casting. The maximum service temperature of the carriage is 220 ℃. If the service temperature exceeds, the carriage with special structure can be designed and manufactured for customers or lubricated with graphite powder.

Slide frame and suspension conveyor chain are widely used in the production process of coating equipment, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, household appliances, bicycles and other large-scale products, such as parts spraying, electroplating, assembly and other assembly lines, and also widely used in the slaughtering line of meat food.

Technical Data Sheet

X-458 Trolley-IMPORTANT

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​Tel:  +86-571-88842852
Fax: +86-571-88844378
Email: oceanindustry@vip.163.com
Add: 2-425,2327 Hongning Road,Qianjiang Century City District,Hangzhou, China
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