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ZGS38 Combine Chain with Attachments


Product Description

ZGS38 Combine Chain with Attachments.pdf

Type:ZGS38 combine chain with attachments



Other characteristics:lube-free, heat-resistant

Chain pitch:30.0MM-40.2MM

Model: ZGS38,ZGS38HF7,ZGS38F42,CZGS38F10,CZGS38F11,CZGS38F13,CZGS38HF36,ZGS38F2,ZGS38F6K1,ZGS38F10K1,ZGS38HF13K1F1,ZGS38HF12K1F1,ZGS38F18,ZGS38F42K1,ZGS38F43K1,ZGS38F46,CZGS38F10K1,CZGS38F13K1F1,ZGS38F5,ZGS38F8,ZGS38F145D,ZGS38F44,ZGS38SDF4,ZGS38F35,ZGS38SDF4,ZGS38F35,ZGS38F47,ZGS38F1,ZGS38F3,ZGS38SDF1,ZGS38SDF5,ZGS38SDF6,ZGS38F32SD,ZGS38K11,CZGS38F10SD,CZGS38F11SDF1,ZGS38-C6E,ZG538-C6EF1,ZG538-C6EF2,ZG538-C6EF3,ZG538-C6EF4,ZG538-CPEF6,ZGS38-CPEF3,ZGS38-CPEF1

Surface treatment: shot peening, zinc plating.

Application scope: widely used in feed factory, grain cleaning machine and grain returning machine.


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Contact Us

​Tel:  +86-571-88842852
Fax: +86-571-88844378
Email: oceanindustry@vip.163.com
Add: 2-425,2327 Hongning Road,Qianjiang Century City District,Hangzhou, China
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